It is situated at the foot  of Monte Birbo that was an important fortified area (“castelliere”) during the pre-Roman period  . It rises 1156 m. above the sea level.
Corgneto was the birth place of the Fedeli family, they made organs from 1600 to 1929.
The church of San Michele Arcangelo houses an interesting wooden sculpture belonging to the XV century representing the Saint while fighting against the devil (evil) , but on display there is also a silver ostensory (1777)and an organ (XIX century).


Not to be missed:
the Baroque organ in the parish church of Saint Eusanio Martyr, in Saint Eusanio Forconese, was built in 1772 by Adriano Fedeli who was the best known member of the famous family of organ builders from Rocchetta di Camerino.
On the right side of the nave of SS.Annunziata ‘s Church in Sulmona there is an organ of great historical and artistic value ( cm560x285x155) it was built by Domenico Antonio Fedeli between 1753 and 1757.
Recomended book:
“Organari Abruzzesi del settecento”, Delficio editore, while reading one can see there were contacts between organ builders from the Marches and Abruzzo regions.

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